Saturday, May 22, 2010

And the beat goes on... La de da de, lad de da de da

Mom is in for a visit, she'll be by tomorrow Dori and I can't wait. While finishing surfside ballroom site new pictures have arisen, of course, so it's back the drawing board on a few pages but I feel confident that it will go live before the first of June, Dad should be happy with that. Visited Jamie and and Jennifer this last weekend also ran into a old friend on myspace he's guitar player in a well know Wisconsin band Burro Creek, dropped him a line, but like most people on myspace they don't check in. Dori is going to start her "topsy turvy" tomato planter, she can't wait, fresh tomatoes for the spaghetti sauce..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Believe me, its' all about the bird honey.

Another holiday all-nighter in the turkey trenches. Dad is stopping by for dinner and work on Surfside web site, let's hope it stays civil, with Dad you never know. Dori is getting ready for work while I am in melting down mode, I know I forgot something, either way its' too late to worry about it now. Ms. Kitty is pacing back and forth wondering the turkey is going to be done, poor girl she's worrying herself to death. I thought I'd try cornbread stuffing this year (I made regular, just in case) I laid down just for a quick nap and the next thing I know its' eight am, I was supposed to finish the bird at one thirty and at 25lbs. this thing won't be done until two thirty in the afternon (still early but not early enough).

The pictures for family online scrapbook are almost done, there will be over three hundred in all. Made up of mostly pictures from my Mom's side of the family, this has been a tour de force for color correcting, the originals have that bad seventies textured paper you know the photos that have the rounded corners. They like to reek havoc on the scanner. There are little dots all over the images common problem for these type of images, not to mention the tobacco stains, it was the seventies and almost everybody smoked, Yuck...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving pumpkins, visiting old friends and the band played on

Carving pumpkins at Jamie's place, well we started anyway, he had some unique patterns to carve which got wondering what was out there on the interwebs. and found everything from Michael Jackson thriller to the harley davidson eagle, I'm sure I'll find something. Ray came over to checkout Jamie's new computer, and is still re-couperating from his surgery and to hear him say it his nuts were on fire, He tried to heal to quickly. Visited with the Family it was a milestone the whole immediate family was there, video to follow. Surfside Dance site is in progress we have a bunch of cool graphics and people offering memories and pictures. It's given Dad something to do and he's loving it. We came up with promos for the site as well as some poll ideas, Its' really coming together. Mental note get classic car links...More to come

Friday, August 28, 2009

Snow Leopard ready. Unlimited Productons makes a come back. Rock and Roll in the immediate future....

The computer is still running fine it survived snow leopard install and is a great deal quick as well. Been helping dad with his site layout, it seems the "Disc Jockey too wild for radio"is making a come back and is rocking the facebook. I have to search out for all the those who used to hung out at the old Surfside dance in Round Lake Illinois back at the original twilight of rock and roll.

Work commences on the DVD site and we can't wait to finally finish it and get on with the particulars of setting up the marketing. I have been looking into getting everybody to pitch in on, with promises of their own disc for services. Hopefully Jamie and Ray can get their computers lined up and we can go live, God willing, in a month.

Band has just landed a gig, a pig roast in Kenosha, well kind of a gig its at our new female singer's house. Julie will probably do a few numbers at the gig hope so.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working no time to write.

Better busy than not I have been doing several things at once. A lot of late nights reading Yuck, I just started getting the hang of CSS and hope to implement it on personal site then move it to commerce. Dori can't wait finally the desk will be clean... :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching up on Blog

Being busy lately I finally had a chance to get free to check posts.
Having a get together with friends tomorrow can't wait. My brother is now engaged I can't believe it he told facebook before he told me hmmm.
SO I will have a new sister in-law to meet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I almost forgot

Its been a while... I almost forgot that I had this Blog LOL. Well nothing new going on yet except studying selectors in css, and designing logo for website.. Yahoo looking forward to Vacation April 30th couldn't come any sooner...